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Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires is one of the largest cities in the world. It is also the most elegant and cosmopolitan city in South America, which represents the Argentine essence. In spite of its modern construction and dynamic activity, it has manages to preserve old traditions and charming corners. Visitors are fascinated by its environment, the individuality of each of its neighborhoods, the cordiality of its people, and its wide selection of cultural and shopping opportunities. The city has important museums as well as numerous cultural centers and art galleries.


There are different kinds of visitors to the city. May be you prefer a traditional tour, visiting historical, traditional and modern areas. But you can also choose a walking tour, visiting museums or surrounding areas.

The Tango

It started by the end of the 19th century as a mix of various rhythms danced in the poorest quarter by immigrants, who added their nostalgia and melancholy. Enjoy an unforgettable evening attending the most famous Tango Show.

The Pampas – Estancias

Just a few kilometers away from the city the Pampas can be discovered, enjoying some of this historical Estancias, gaucho traditions and superb meat barbecues.

Tigre, its Delta & River area in a private boat

Just 45min from downtown, you can reach and incredible water and island area with more than 3,000km of small and large rivers. Exuberant nature just in the corner of the city.


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